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Young Culture, Odd Sweetheart, And Just Friends @ El Corazon

Shay Reichow Nov 15, 2023

California-based band, Just Friends, went on a headlining tour to celebrate their new album Gusher – and brought Odd Sweetheart and Young Culture along for the ride. This was my second time getting to see these guys live and they never miss a beat. Seattle's El Corazon hosted a beautiful show the night of October 17th, 2023; and no matter the size of the venue, Young Culture always brings positive vibes, pulling in new fans wherever they go. Consisting of frontman Alexander Magnan, bassist Gabe Pietrafesa, and guitarist Troy Burchett, they are (without a doubt) the party band.

As high energy coursed through the venue, we heard some fan favorites off their 2022 album You Just Had to Be There. "Not In Love" off the album played as the opening track, with songs "Kinda Over It," "Whiskey," and "Tattoo" following shortly after. This happened to be one of my favorite setlists from the band, simply because of how well each song flows into the next. We also had the pleasure of hearing their latest released single from back in September, "Jesus," which features female-fronted band Daisy Grenade. If you get the chance to hear this banger live, I recommend dancing your boots off, as it's one of my new-found favorites. Another crowd favorite we got to hear was "Holiday in Vegas," off their sophomore album Young Culture released back in 2020.

I got the chance to talk with these guys a bit after the show and they are genuinely good people. If you're ever given the opportunity to see them live, I recommend giving them a chance as they always bring good vibes – both on stage and off.

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