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Why Would I Watch? Hot Mulligan, Heart Attack Man, Spanish Love Songs, and Ben Quad Rocked at Showbox SoDo in Seattle

Shay Reichow Jan 8, 2024

Michigan-based rock band Hot Mulligan went on tour to celebrate the release of their third album, Why Would I Watch. They couldn't make it a party without some of my personal favorite songs from past albums in the setlist; including songs from their 2020 album You'll Be Fine, as well as their 2018 album Pilot. But the crowd favorite that got heavily surfed to was "John 'The Rock' Cena, Can You Smell What the Undertaker," a new one from their most recent release.

What I gathered from talking to audience members is that this tour is one of their favorites so far. I had to agree, especially with the stacked line-up which included Heart Attack Man, Spanish Love Songs, and Ben Quad. Hot Mulligan frontman Nathan "Tades" Sanville had made a bet with his bandmates that if Seattle got the most crowd surfers, the boys would get pizza. If that wasn't convincing enough, I'm not sure what else would have convinced the crowd to go crazy. During "Drink Milk and Run," fans tried their best to beat the record for the rest of the night (with no luck this time around). Washington will get its chance to top the crowd surfer count next tour.

Although this tour finished its final stop in Detroit last month, I would highly recommend seeing their future shows. This band is known for having some pretty creative song titles, but the songs don't fail to go hard.

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