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Brandy Tanaka May 8, 2023

Waterparks had a tidal wave of a show at the Ace of Spades venue in Sacramento CA. This sold out show did not disappoint, bringing Audience involvement, mosh-pits and remarkable performances by not only the Headliner but their supporting performers!

Our first opener started with a bang! Daisy Grenade, a iconic duo that brings what they call “power-punk bubble grunge” type vibe to the set, starting things off with a song called “Guts”. They brought energy and stage presence resembling bands such as Flyleaf and Paramore. They truly left an impression with me, as I’m sure they did with everyone else that night!

Our second opener was a growing band named Hunny. Their set was reminiscent of bands such as The Cure and Depeche Mode. 90s atmosphere was what they were going for and it truly shows in their outfit styles and musical style as well. Their music is exactly what you need for those summer drives by the beach.

Coming back to Waterparks, I had the privilege to do a Meet and Greet with the band and it was worth the additional cost, which in itself was very affordable. Meet and Greet for this band meant, time to talk with them, take a photo with them, receive a signed copy of a custom poster and attend a questionnaire with the band. Awsten, Otto and Geoff were very entertaining and relatable.

They of course were to highlight their new album “Intellectual Property” which was released April 14th 2023, but they also made sure to bring back some popular hits such as “Stupid for you” and “Numb” which brought a whole new level of energy to the crowd.

Something to note regarding Waterparks as a whole, they are very caring of their fans… the entire show they were checking on the mosh pit, making sure all were enjoying the show safely and stopping the show when needed to get people the help they needed.

Overall this show was extremely powerful, fun and memorable! If any of these bands come to your town, you must add them to your “Must See” list!

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