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Brandy Tanaka Jul 23, 2023

Voila – an LA based pop-punk duo with band members Gus Ross and Luke Eisner – brought their heart and soul to their performance at The Catalyst in Santa Cruz, CA. They're best known for their single "Figure You Out" which has over 1.1million views on Youtube and with good reason. The song is incredibly catchy with really hard-hitting, romantic lyrics. Embarking on their tour this year, I was able to catch their performance in Downtown Santa Cruz and I was definitely not disappointed!

Voila band members Ross and Eisner walked on stage immediately having an incredible stage presence, and the audience seemed to have an immediate connection with them. They began their set with songs "Girls Don't Come With Instructions" and "Drinking With Cupid", both songs about difficult relationships, breakup, and moving on – which seemed to have hit a chord with many in the crowd that night as they swayed and sang along with them.

As their set continued they performed their hit song "Figure You Out" – and when I tell you EVERYONE in that venue cheered so loud, it was near deafening. It was clear they were amped to hear the song.

Overall their set was incredible and memorable. It's clear that both Ross and Eisner put their hearts into their music, which can be seen not only in their performance, but also in their connections with their fans. They took all the time they needed to make sure they could meet everyone and speak to all fans after the show. I am excited to see where their path leads them next, and will be eagerly awaiting their next release.

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