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Shay Reichow Apr 26, 2023

Alternative pop-rock band Transviolet made their way to Seattle, WA on their 5th stop of tour putting on a hell of a show. With them as a special guest, they had Jagwar Twin. Thursday night was a powerhouse of a performance between the two artists. The night had already been cloudy which helped set the moody tone for the evening. From the stage setup and lighting to the jittering energy in the room, everything was rounded up to be a good start to tour.

On stage, audience members noticed a curious apple on the set box and alongside it, an unlit incense stick. I know what you’re thinking; are they really going to light that apple? Yes, of course they are! This was all a part of opening alt-rock band Jagwar Twin’s plan. Though the audience was majority of younger fans (who were there for the headliner), frontman Roy English made sure the incense was safe to light in front of his audience. There was no barricade to block the  stage from the audience so it made for an intimate show. Fog filled the stage and everything surrounding the side stage, English entered the stage and casually lit his incense stick and stuck it into the apple, setting the stage and atmosphere. All you could see was his silhouette and his sunglasses equipped.  My initial thoughts of his performance overall was that he was here for a good time,  looking to create a spiritual and vibey show. And that he did. Roy English has an incredible stage presence and loves connecting with his fans. The music was loud and the crowd was jumping along, putting all cares aside for the night. If there’s one thing I learned about Jagwar Twin, it’s that they may look exotic on stage, but they’re really sweet people off stage.

English closes out with his final set for the night, the stage transitions for Transviolet – the headliner for the night. Jagwar Twin’s lighting was very different during his sets, a lot of red, orange, and green moody tones.  With Transviolet, I noticed their stage lighting was lots of multi color flashing lights. They also had screens in the back with various changing scenes depending on what song was performed. Lead vocalist Sarah McTaggart enters the stage with the lights turned down low, beams following her dramatic pause every other step. With her white and very high boots, chains attached to her netted body suit outfit, red hair tied back,  you knew she was bringing the energy. The atmosphere shifted from the previous spiritual vibes to fierce and high spirited. Her music is all about finding yourself in this scary world and never being ashamed of who you are, despite any faults you may have. McTaggart’s has impacted queer and trans youth all over the world. Most of her newer work tells a story of how she became who she is today. Her show made the space, provided by Madame Lou’s, feel safe and at home for the targeted audience.

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