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Toy Story But Make It Tour Story: This Wild Life Live in Seattle

Shay Reichow Nov 29, 2023

Let me tell you – this was definitely the tour of the year. This Wild Life, an acoustic duo, were joined by Not My Weekend, Worry Club, and Broadside on their 'Tour Story' headlining tour, starting in Phoenix and eventually making their way here to Seattle. And of course, if you couldn't already tell by the name, the theme of this tour was Disney's Toy Story. Vocalist Kevin Jordan and guitarist Anthony Del Grosso dressed up as Buzz and Woody for every tour stop. Jordan even custom-built a giant etch-a-sketch labeled 'Emo-Sketch', to project their Toy Story-themed visuals onto. This dynamic duo did not miss a beat.

This show easily had one of my favorite openings I've ever seen, with Randy Newman's "You've Got A Friend In Me" playing in the background. As our dynamic acoustic duo came on stage – dressed as Buzz (Jordan) and Woody (Del Grosso) – Jordan shook hands with fans in the front, and seconds later, the intro walk-on song smoothly transitioned into the first song on the setlist, "History (Kevin's Version)." The setlist was crafted perfectly to follow the theme of this tour. Long-time fans got to hear "Catie Rae," which came from the band's 2018 album Petaluma. This is easily one of my favorite songs to see live from This Wild Life. In the background, you could see the Emo-Sketch displaying 'Ukulele Hero' – a play off of Guitar Hero – and clips of the duo playing it at previous shows. Jordan held up the ukulele and instructed the audience to sing the lyrics, "Hey hey Catie Rae." Every time he held his ukulele up, the audience members knew to sing their lines. This part of the show was my favorite, simply because of how interactive it was. We also got to hear a cover of Blink 182's "I Miss You," with a feature from Broadside frontman Oliver Baxxter.

'Tour Story' is approaching it's end, so if you haven't gotten the chance to see a show yet, I highly recommend it. Each supporting band put on a fantastic show as well. This Wild Life is a fan-favorite from the 'Warped Tour' days – you can't miss this for the world.

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