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Tool Is Back On The Road With Psych-Rock Band Elder

Brandy TanakaFeb 29, 2024

Tool, an iconic progressive-metal band from the early 90s, returned to Central Valley California for a mesmerizing performance. On February 12th, they hit the stage again to perform for a massive crowd at the SaveMart Center in Fresno, CA. Their performance was definitely one to remember; but before we get into the details of their set, I feel it’s necessary to talk about their opener, whom left quite an impression on many (including myself).

Elder, an American rock-band from Massachusetts, brought a psychedelic and evocative vibe to the table. This four piece band – consisting of Nicholas DiSalvo (vocals & guitar), Jack Donovan (bass), Michael Risberg (guitar), and Georg Edert (drums) –  jumped right into their 3 song set with no hesitation, which lasted approximately 30 minutes total. Their performance was focused, concise and a pleasure to listen to; I immediately added their music to my playlist upon hearing. If you like psychedelic-metal instrumental music, you'll definitely want to check them out!


  1. Sanctuary
  2. Merged In Dreams
  3. Halcyon

Now, getting back to our headliner. Tool didn't disappoint with their prog-metal performance. Lead vocalist, Maynard Keenan, brought something to the performance that you don’t normally see. Usually the spotlight is primarily on the frontman, which leaves minimal time to focus on other band members. But this was the complete opposite. Keenan performed mostly within shadowed areas, and had the main focus and lighting be on everyone else on stage. They also made room for the amazing visuals, lasers, and colorful lighting to be more appreciated. You can tell that Keenan wanted people to be fully immersed in their performance.

Something to note is that Tool is notorious for their strict “no camera” policy, as they feel that it takes away from being able to fully immerse yourself in the performance. This still stands true, as Keenan stopped in the middle of their set to tell audience members to put their phones away (in a less-than-polite way). The crowd clapped and cheered in agreement, some even joined in yelling at certain fans to "put it away!”

Their setlist was heavily instrumental, with 12 songs (listed below) that lasted approximately two and a half hours. Needless to say, the show was truly the immersive experience that Tool hoped it would be.


  1. Fear Inoculum
  2. Jambi
  3. Rosetta Stoned
  4. Pneuma
  5. Intolerance
  6. Descending
  7. The Grudge
  8. Intermission
  9. Chocolate Chip Trip
  10. Flood
  11. Invincible
  12. Stinkfist

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