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The Used, Dead American, and Blindlove Tore Up The Riverside Municipal Auditorium

Anastasia White Oct 6, 2023

Seasoned members of the scene, The Used, lit up Riverside for their fall 2023 'Toxic Positivity Tour' supporting their new album of the same name. There’s been endless buzz about this tour for the better part of a month, due to the bands onstage presence and connection with the audience.

Sleeping With Sirens wasn’t present at this date, but fellow Utah-based band Blindlove filled out the remaining opener spot well with their high-energy rock sound; which reminds me of Andy Biersack’s solo album The Shadow Side, in bits and parts. If you are a fan of 00’s rock akin to 30 Seconds to Mars this band will not disappoint, as they have a similar mix between synths and guitar instrumentals. This is definitely a band to follow in that vein – even though they were filling an opening spot, the crowd seemed to connect with them well.

Dead American came next, bringing a much grungier, more distorted sound to the stage – music that you mosh to. Dead American is the perfect band to pair with The Used, as they draw upon the fundamentals of post-hardcore groups of the past while still adding a modern flair to their overall sound. They had wonderful chemistry onstage, playing off of one another and not letting any part of the stage go untouched.

For the main event, The Used opened with fan-favorite Pretty Handsome Awkward. The stage was caked in roses front to back, even the microphone stands – it mirrors the new album artwork, and is a fun contrast to the punky sound and attitude the band is known for. Bert McCracken is the type of frontman who can command a crowd effortlessly, shouting people out in the audience, and giving the same level of chaotic energy as the music itself.

An extra takeaway from this show was that the crowd was as much of a family as a fanbase could be. I’ve been in a lot of cliquey, somewhat stuffy environments when it pertains to fans or crowds, but I felt the people I interacted with at this show were friendly and quite laid back. It’s evident to me that The Used has a passionate group of people following this tour.

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