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The Dollyrots: Year Of The Bunny Tour

Hannah Sweet Aug 15, 2023

The eclectic ambiance of The Parish Room in Orange County provided the perfect backdrop for a night of high-energy, punk-rock, and family-driven camaraderie as The Dollyrots took the stage.

With a history of wild and raucous shows, The Dollyrots have evolved their stage presence with the inclusion of their youngest members – son River and daughter Daisy – transforming their punk-rock roadshow into a dynamic family adventure.

The setlist was a thrilling blend of tracks from their latest album, as well as fan-favorite classics, that had the audience joyfully singing along. The intimate nature of the venue allowed for an immersive connection between the band and the audience, creating a unique and authentic experience.

In a world where punk-rock continues to evolve, The Dollyrots' performance at The Parish Room proved that their unique blend of punk attitude, infectious melodies, and family-driven passion is a force to be reckoned with.

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