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Sunburnt Energizes With Their Newest Single "Repeating"

Brandy Tanaka Aug 21, 2023

Sunburnt came in hot with their new single "Repeating," and its making my elder-emo heart happy.

Sunburnt, a band on the rise from Los Angeles, embraced SoCal pop-punk influences with their second release "Repeating," and it's really showing that they're a band to look out for.

In my opinion, this song is the epitome of what Y2K emo-music was, and they're bringing it back in the best way. Reminiscent of artists such as All Time Low and Boys Like Girls, it brings back all those familiar sounds that we know and love.

The moment I realized the awesome sound of this single that, like I said, makes my emo heart happy, is the moment the slower intro switches over to a surprising head banging chorus:

    "Wasting light,

    Its the demons,


    Can you see it?

    Round and round, round and round

    I don't need it

    Tell me when to get off,

    Its repeating."

Losing your perception and being in a "round and round" state of mind is a lyric that I know some, if not all people could relate to.

Overall, this song will not only bring back those teenage angst vibes and be stuck in your head for days on end, but will also bring you a new light of the perception of being "on repeat" so to speak.

Sunburnt will be opening for Weathers at The Parish House Of Blues in Anaheim on September 3rd, and I cannot wait to see them perform this song as well as hopefully some upcoming releases!

Stream "Repeating" by Sunburnt on Spotify here.

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