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Shay Reichow May 24, 2023

If you listen to house and dubstep DJ duo SLANDER, then you are in for a treat. On May 19th, 2023, Derek Andersen and Scott Land dropped a new song called “Wish I Could Forget” which features alternative hip hop artist Blackbear and metal band Bring Me the Horizon. This is the very first time that both Blackbear and Oliver Sykes of BMTH have worked together with Derek Andersen when writing, and with the crew of SLANDER, produced this club banger of a drop. This would also mark the first single for SLANDER of 2023.

The first few verses open up immediately with Blackbear and smoothly transition into Sykes carrying into the biggest drop of the song. “Wish I Could Forget,” tells a story of haunting memories of the past and trying to wash away what was once a good thing. The song carries the theme well with the various musical elements- increasing tempos with mixed use of clock-like sound effects to give listeners the feel of time increasing and moving to the present. Alongside the moving tempos, this song features the use of electronic musical elements. If you need a song to roll down your car windows and blast your speakers, this is the song for you.  Overall, "Wish I Could Forget" translates well and highlights the talent of Blackbear and BMTH, giving them an opening for more features in the future.

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