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Sick Day's EP 'Overexposure' Provides Your Daily Dose Of Dopamine

Kayla MorenoMar 14, 2024

Sick Day is an indie rock artist from Chicago, bringing revitalized energy to the midwest scene. Her EP, Overexposure showcases her unique stylistic choices, with each song's individual vibe culminating into a cohesive unit. This EP is best suited for fans of Lucy Dacus and Hot Mulligan; it's a hearty combination of indie, emo, and rock.

The title track, "Overexposure," features nice, gritty guitar tones that lead the whole song through to the end. Lead vocals blend in nicely with the heavy guitar stylings, allowing the lyrics to flow through each other with ease. This song alone has the potential to position Sick Day to the forefront of their local scene and beyond. Sometimes, sonic definers like genre transcend to geographical locations, and Sick Day is one of those instances.

Each song borrows from both indie and grunge techniques; the energy found throughout each one deviates away from nostalgia-based music that is popular right now, giving Sick Day an advantage that is otherwise unexplored. The EP's second track, "Blindfold," is perhaps the only exception to this truth, with its vibes showcasing a pleasant 2000s coming-of-age film vibe.

The EP features a combination of ballads and upbeat songs, but the slower numbers, like "It Hurts To Try" would still fare well in a live setting. My personal favorite, other than the title track, is "Meet Me At The Park," which offers a catchy melody and solid production choices. It is slightly reminiscent of moments of Motion City Soundtrack's My Dinosaur Life. Closing out the EP with "Quiet Kinda Love" finalizes Sick Day's ideas, giving the EP an ending with no cliffhangers.

Overall, Sick Day's dedication to doing their own thing will ultimately prove to be what leads to their success. Their guitar tones are awesome, with fuzz ruling the day. Guitar-driven music does well in the indie rock space, but Sick Day's development of their signature sound will help them deviate away from Chicago's famous hole-in-the-wall venues to take center stage across the country and beyond.

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