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Say Anything Are Back With Two Exciting New Singles "Are You (In) There?" and "Psyche"

Kayla Moreno Aug 11, 2023

There has never been a band more aptly named than Say Anything – which is a compliment. They are really good at saying anything they want to (with purpose), and their ability to stand in their convictions is nothing short of admirable. From their first record Is A Real Boy, Say Anything has pushed the envelope sonically and lyrically, establishing a voice in pop-punk that had previously gone unexplored. Thankfully, Say Anything are back with two new singles: "Are You (In) There?" and "Psyche!"

The very first notes in the new track "Are You (In) There?" are familiar enough to engage long-term Say Anything fans with the single. However, you learn very quickly that Say Anything are taking a new direction musically. This isn't a vaulted track from Is A Real Boy, but something entirely different instead. Vocalist Max Bemis is at his prime; his vocal range is severely underrated, with emotion seeping through every note. I could not imagine a different vocalist on this track because Bemis has cultivated something irreplaceable.

While both new tracks are impressive and indicative of a bright future for Say Anything, "Psyche!" is honestly groundbreaking work. This track combines everything that the band has proven to be amazing at over the span of 20 years. Still, it is forward-thinking; there is even a reference to "Riot Fest '24," which has yet to happen!

Bemis' lyricism is gut-wrenching, and it always has been. I found myself saying "brutalll..." many times during my first listen to "Psyche!" That tends to be the effect that Say Anything has on their listeners. If you don't think you're going to come out of a Say Anything record having reflected on your entire life story, think again. Bemis does an impeccable job of reaching into the deepest parts of our emotional sphere, pairing his poems with an upbeat, catchy melody to distract from the pending existential crisis you'll face the next morning.  

Overall, these first two comeback tracks have me excited for Say Anything's upcoming plans. They continue to innovate, even now, and their innovations are going to surprise generations of fresh audiences.  

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