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Rookie Mistake Could Catch A Lucky Break With Their Debut Single “Fortune Cookie”

Kayla Moreno Dec 14, 2023

Emerging from New York, Rookie Mistake is a brand new group that offers a lot of promise. Their midwest emo sound is catchy, vibrant, and truly skillful. The effort that they have put into this song before releasing it out into the world shows with every note. Truly, the group features some tight playing chemistry that cannot be faked.

Lyrically, "Fortune Cookie" is relatable; a quintessential element to the genre, relatable lyrics are evergreen but deeply vulnerable. For a first single, this effort is appreciated even more deeply. You never know who could be listening to your song, and impacted by your writing.

There is some excellent guitar playing in this multi-layered track. The breakdown towards the bridge of the song is some phenomenal work, showcasing dedication to the artists' craft.

Beyond this point, I am fascinated to see how Rookie Mistake grows from this impressive start.

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