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Brandy Tanaka May 24, 2023

The Emo-Pop punk duo brought yet another energetic and heavy hitting beat from their upcoming mixtape “The Brightest Days” set to release in June!

The beginning started with heavy drum beats and  strong guitar riffs, truly catching my full attention. The first verse and breakdown really set the tone for this powerful and meaningful message, touching on our current political state and that it was taught that this was something to be “grateful” for.

(See partial lyrics below)

    “Welcome all the tourists, infiltrate the capital

    Protesting abortion, tickets to the nationals

    Come every July, American as apple pie

    Ever since I was a kid, it kinda blew my mind

    Travel, they travel to be hateful

    And all our teachers told us

    They told us to be grateful”

As the song continues we hear the bridge and it makes you want to get off your feet and jump right in a mosh pit with the captivating rhythm & movement. I can just picture everyone being ready to head bang to this hit at their concerts! The Brightest Days will drop on June 16th and if it is anything like this song, we will truly be in for a great summer mixtape!

Listen to “My PG County Summer” here.

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