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Sarah TaylorJun 3, 2023

On June 2nd the punk icons, Rancid, released their long awaited 10th album, Tomorrow Never Comes. The album consists of 16 phenomenal songs, each one getting better and better.

“Tomorrow Never Comes” is the opening track and was the first single to be released from the album. The song is very similar to their older music, making it easy to enjoy for long time Rancid fans. It is filled with everything the band is known for – shouted backing vocals, galloping drums, and slashing guitar.

“Mud, Blood, & Gold” is full of chanting and continuous guitar, creating a very punk-rock sound. Being one of the shorter songs on the album and being full of repetition, the song is very easy to learn and gets stuck in your head for hours.

“Devil In Disguise” was the third single from the album. The track slowly builds up into a very fun, headbanging sound. The chorus is extremely catchy and contains calmer vocals, showing more of the group's talent. The end of the song is my personal favorite of the song as it is mostly acapella, which easily gives the listeners goosebumps.

“New American” is one of my favorite songs on the album. It kicks off with upbeat guitar and will quickly get you moving along to the beat. There are several spots with group vocals, which all Rancid fans will adore. While most of the track is full of the same chords, it’s an extremely fun song.

“The Bloody & Violent History” has guitar that comes in and out, making the song ten times more interesting. The chorus is catchy and fun, followed by incredible guitar. The whole track is full of energy and is very easy to get into.

“Don’t Make Me Do It” was another one of the first singles to be released from the album. While the song is one of the shorter songs on the album at only 58 seconds, it is filled with energy and reflects more on the classic Rancid sound we all know and love. The track will quickly get you headbanging and singing along to the repetitive, shouted chorus.

“It’s a Road to Righteousness” has a chorus with all members singing, giving the song much more feeling. The guitar constantly builds up, going into an incredible solo after the second chorus. The vocals afterwards will give you chills, then back to having an amazing time listening to the song as the chorus hits in again.

“Live Forever” immediately will have you into the song as the guitar and vocals work together beautifully. The song is full of group vocals full of energy and passion.

“Drop Dead Inn” is one of the more emotional songs, but still sounds extremely upbeat. The verses are relatable and the chorus is full of amazing vocals. This track is one of my favorites and I’ll always find an excuse to play it in any situation.

“Prisoners Song” is a upbeat song, still being filled of emotion just like the previous track. It contains solos from each member of the band, giving an enjoyable twist from the other tracks. The track is very unique, making it very interesting to listen to.

“Magnificent Rouge” heavily reflects on dark parts of the past with plenty of emotion. The vocals are much different from the rest of the album, making it stand out from the rest. The track ends with an upbeat guitar solo, which makes the song have a lot of potential to be one that will be one that everyone loves.

“One Way Ticket” immediately kicks off with vocals and an uprising feeling. The guitar has more of a folky feeling at certain parts of the song and there are a few parts where everything cuts out and is silent for a few seconds, making the song unique and fun.

“Hellbound Train” has cleaner vocals at the beginning, which are absolutely beautiful. The guitar is slashing behind the vocals, adding to the pure sound the band creates.

“Eddie the Butcher” kicks off with fast guitar and has a minor key sound, making it quickly stand out. The track is full of high energy and is an incredible example of the undeniable fact that Rancid sounds amazing even when they do something that sounds much different from everything else they make.

“Hear Us Out” has more clean vocals, full of pure emotion. The song is about staying together during hard times, making the song have meaning to everyone. The song reminds me of previous songs they have with the same meaning, “Fall Back Down” and a song by The Interrupters they’re featured on “Got Each Other”.

“When The Smoke Clears” is the final track on the album. It is a perfect ending as it shows even more emotion, incredible guitar and drums, and full band vocals once again. The final chorus wraps up the album beautifully with repeated back lyrics and the guitar ending with a boom.

Overall, the album can easily be enjoyed by long time Rancid fans and any punk rock fans. Each song tells a different story that will truly resonate with you. This was the perfect way for Rancid to come back and I’m very excited to watch all of the success it gives them.

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