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Paul LaLiberte May 17, 2023

Alt-rock band Ragers released their new single “Tossed Out” and its music video as fans await the release of their third album, Missed Calls From Home.

The release comes just two months after their single “Only Sins No Tragedies” – Which perhaps is a callback to the popular Panic! At The Disco song ‘I Write Sins Not Tragedies’ – and was released with its subsequent music video.

Keeping with their callbacks to songs of the past, Ragers says that this song was meant to feel like the songs they listened to growing up, as opposed to more modern alt-rock.

“This track evokes some of the alt-rock sounds we grew up with, a sort of dandy way of approaching punk themes. An infectious guitar lick, a chorus that hooks you on the spot, pulls you in, before tossing you right back out,” said the band in their press release announcing “Tossed Out.”

But to say this track or the band as a whole simply copies artists of the past wouldn’t be truthful. Instead of using highly technologized sounds found in so much of today's alternative music, they rely on the classic instruments of rock music: A guitar, a bass, and drums. And with these instruments, they create their own distinctive sound, one that is both old and yet entirely new.

“Tossed Out” grounds itself in the catchiness of its guitar riffs and the simplicity of its lyrics, in the same way as many songs in the early aughts. The beat calls for those listening to get on their feet and jump, whether or not they know any of the lyrics to the song. While this is a difficult feat to overcome, “Tossed Out” doesn’t have to be memorized to be loved.

The music video depicts only the lead vocalist as he traverses through his apartment and the greater Montreal area while smoking a cigarette. He moves from room to room in the apartment dancing to the song in a way that feels somewhat familiar. It’s as if this was the feeling they strived to achieve in making this song. The memory of playing older alternative music and laying on the floor of his apartment led to the creation of a song meant to be experienced in the same way.

The video ends with the lead vocalist putting out a cigarette on a mirror, smudging the area where his face once was.

The Montreal-based group is set to release their third album, Missed Calls From Home, on September 29th, 2023.

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