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PVRIS Kicks Off Their North American Tour at The Observatory

Anastasia White Jun 15, 2024

PVRIS kicked off their North American tour at The Observatory in Santa Ana on June 1st to an enthusiastic crowd; following the release of their single, “Oil and Water,” from back in April. The group is touring alongside Sizzy Rocket, Manchester-based indie-rock group Pale Waves, as well as pop artist Bruses for select dates. The show started out spectacularly; every act was explosive and a pleasure to watch.

The first opener, Sizzy Rocket, has 2 things you need to know about her: that she’s gay, and that "she smacks her bubblegum" – in reference to her song "BUBBLEGUM," of course. Rocket has tracks that are high-paced and dancy, like “IDCIDCIDCIDC,” as well as airy-electro pop numbers like “i’m just a grrrl." With this song, I have to more specifically note the theremin-type tone that wavers throughout the chorus, which gives the song a fun sci-fi element. Rocket fits right into the tumblr-era with RNB, electronica, hyperpop and grunge elements blended together and poured into a platform Go-Go boot shaped glass. She had the crowd in the palm of her hand, and they were ecstatic to be there.

I have been curious about Pale Waves for a minute, and was very excited to see them perform – I was personally blown away by their sound. They had a silvery ambience and an infectious groove to their music that made it very hard for me to stop swaying to it. Lead Singer Heather Baron-Gracie’s voice felt exactly like drinking a cup of ice water in the middle of the night. The crowd's energy was far too mellow for the performance they were given by the band, who’s music I found to be incredibly enjoyable. I personally was a fan of the more 80’s inspired tracks like “Eighteen” and “There’s a Honey," and I’ve put them on my current rotation. Their sound brings me back to road trips and that teenage era of self-discovery that we tend to yearn for after we have settled into the chaos of young adulthood.

This show was a bit of a weird full-circle moment for me, as I saw PVRIS as a teen when they joined Awolnation and Fall Out Boy for their 2016 'Wintour' in Phoenix. I thought they were super impressive back then, and honestly they’ve met my expectations again for this show. Lead singer Lynn Gunn’s stage and vocal presence has been continuallly impressive, and their music is infectious. I couldn’t stop myself from swaying or bopping my head after I left the photo pit. They debuted "White Noise" and "Same Soul" live for this tour, as well as “Oil and Water” to the rotation after its release. PVRIS’s sound, if you are somehow unfamiliar, is a fantastic mix of electronica and alternative rock. The sound is much larger than any venue you could see them at – I’ve seen them at Talking Stick Resort, and now The Observatory, and it always feels to me that the room is bursting at the seams from the energy that their music provides. For example, the droning guitars in “Oil and Water” feel like they’re cutting through my body. It’s a bone chilling effect that’s so enjoyable to hear live.

This show was so refreshing to see, all 3 acts brought their best for this tour, and I would beg of anybody who is reading this to go and see them on their remaining dates of tour. They are all a cohesive unit, with each act’s style having a consistent through-line. I was captivated from beginning to end.

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