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Noelle Sucks' New Single 'Ugly Ugly' Launches Emo Nite's Label Graveboy Records

Kayla Moreno Sep 25, 2023

Defining "emo" as a genre has been difficult, if not impossible, for fans and critics alike since its conception decades ago. This is partially because the genre has always borrowed from others, creatively inventing new sounds. The current generation of emo breakthrough artists, like Noelle Sucks, continues this tradition in their own way.

'Ugly Ugly' is a captivating track; melodic and haunting, Noelle's vocals encapsulate her overall message. Her social commentary is a staple in the genre, allowing audiences to analyze the world they've chosen to exist in. This isn't Noelle's first rodeo, either. Her musical expertise shines throughout the new single, showcasing her growth in this transitional period of her career.

Emo Nite's newest venture, a record label called Graveboy Records promises to uphold scene culture while bringing new faces to it, something Emo Nite has always been great at doing. Signing Noelle Sucks as their first breakout artist is encouraging, and her first single with the label leaves me optimistic. Her fresh, authentically curated artistry, paired with the label's genre expertise, promotes a promising partnership. Creating new sounds while honoring where the scene came from is the hope we need to keep it alive for the foreseeable future.

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