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Ashton Karademas May 16, 2023

Let us put you onto your new favorite indie rock band this summer. Stream the playlist here.

Doombop! - The Toxhards

"Doombop" has a very sudden and invigorating intro with bass that sucks you in and vocals you just want to sing along to. Overall, the song has a bit of a camp vibe with the acoustic guitar and the clapping which fits in really well with a chorus that, in a sense, feels bouncy. The choppy vocals at the end of each chorus flow perfectly into the heavier verses and bridge. It's also almost as if the song is meant to be played on repeat because the gang vocals that the song ends with are the same exact ones that it begins with.

If you manage to catch The Toxhards live, you might get to see the lead singer/bassist Alan Macchiarolo wearing an 8-foot tall pig suit or air dropping you one of the unreleased songs. They are currently planning a US midwest tour, be on the lookout for that.

Stream The Toxhards on Spotify here.

Karma - Raue

The way that the guitar tones and vocals come together give "Karma" a mellow vibe while not actually being mellow. The entire song has beautiful guitar riffs that work perfectly with the many drum fills. In the beginning of the song, the choppy guitar is a perfect fade in to the rest of the song. The songs intro is around 20 seconds long but it works perfectly with the vibe of the rest of the song. Overall, the band Raue has a 90s alt rock sound with the energy of a punk band. They have a show in San Diego, California on Wednesday the 25th of May at The Holding Center.

Stream Raue on Spotify here.

Joyride - The Backfires

Something about the chords chosen for the intro of "Joyride" is beautiful. They flow perfectly into each other and make you want to continue listening to the song. In the verses, the bass is accentuated beautifully with guitar only there to support the flow of the bass. The pre-chorus and beginning of chorus feel like a build up to a really well-placed stop in the music that makes the chorus feel super impactful. The guitar is also back in full swing in the choruses and it works perfectly. The bridge is another example of a really well-placed build up. It leads to a really magnificent guitar solo that perfectly accents the vibe that the song is going for. The varying complex drum patterns highlight the song perfectly and really tie everything together. The Backfires will be going on their summer tour starting this june.

Stream The Backfires on Spotify here.

How Do You Talk To A Star? - Everybody’s Worried About Owen

"How Do You Talk To A Star?" has more of an acoustic vibe to it. The vocals work perfectly with the tones of the guitar, getting heavy at the perfect time and just sounding magnificent the entire time. The song also surprises you with the sudden intensity of the chorus. Said intensity works perfectly with the overall vibe of the song because there is a stop before it each time. The second chorus is extended and it works really well because of the beautiful drums that tie in perfectly with the vocals. While lead singer Owen is belting out, you hear the occasional closure of the high-hat which for some reason makes the chorus sound complete. The song calms down at the end, going back into its original riff which makes for the perfect ending. Owen will be going on a small tour around the east coast to support the release of his album.

Stream Everybody's Worried About Owen on Spotify here.

Stuck Again - Diet Lite

"Stuck again" has a very interesting intro. It’s almost as if they are giving you a preview of the guitar and bass before starting the song but it works really well. When the vocals do come in, the way that the vocals and guitar tones mix give this song a bouncy feel. There also appears to be two vocalists who sing every other line. This change in pitch and tone is the perfect amount of contrast for the song and adds so much to it. The lyrics end around 3 minutes into the song but we get a beautiful guitar solo that leads into a really pretty acoustic version of the chorus melody, and then another solo. We get overall a whole minute of instrumental section that is absolutely perfect for the song and sounds amazing.

Stream Diet Lite on Spotify here.

Music You Can Play At Home - The Great Indoors

The guitars in the intro to "Music You Can Play At Home" sounds like it has a phaser effect over it which works really well for the tonality of the guitars. They keep the phaser guitar throughout the song and it blends really well with the tones of the voice coming from the vocals. It really feels like a song you would listen to while sticking your hand out the car window and doing the wave motion in the wind. It also has a beautiful piano part in the bridge that works perfectly with the entire vibe of the song. The Great Indoors will be playing live at Bond Brothers Eastside on May 19th in Cary North Carolina.

Stream The Gret Indoors on Spotify here.

With A Dream Of You - late night drive home

The intro to "With A Dream Of You" feels like its pulling you into a trance. The vocals and the synths blend so well together and then the guitar gradually sneaks its way in and it flows perfectly into the drums also coming in. The song overall has a very mellow vibe with very fitting electric guitars. This is another song with a perfectly timed stop in the music that leads to a more intense part perfectly. Everything about the synths used in the music is a beautiful addition to the song. The song calms down at the end with a clean piano that sounds amazing with the tone of the vocals and is a perfect closure to the music.

Stream late night drive home on Spotify here.

Languages - NEEVE

"Languages" has this very pleasing harmony at the beginning. In the back of the mix you hear this very low almost robotic sounding voice that gives the vocals that bottom to it that makes it feel complete. The intro vocals act as a perfect lead in to the riff at the beginning of the first verse that works amazingly with the vibe of the song. The calmer chorus leading into the instrumental post chorus is absolutely breathtaking and sounds amazing. The song is overall calmer but has a slight edge to it and it works really well. NEEVE is currently on a tour of the EU/UK with most of the dates being in Germany.

Stream NEEVE on Spotify here.

Return My Head - The Murder Capital

"Return My Head" has an almost spooky intro with a synthesizer that sounds dissonant and discorded in the most magnificent way. The vocals work perfectly with the dissonance that is all over the song and also the guitars that are perfectly mixed to work well with all the synths. The song also has a guitar solo that fits very well into the vibe that the band is going for. After the solo, there is a final chorus that has a bit more energy than the rest of the song and it is a perfect closure to the song. The Murder Capital is currently doing a UK/EU tour to support their latest album.

Stream The Murder Capital on Spotify here.

Lay Your Troubles on Me - The Slow Readers Club

"Lay Your Troubles on Me" starts with a mellow guitar tone that blends well with the deeper undertones of the vocals. The guitars also have a very pretty riff that works perfectly for the verses and the overall vibe of the song. There is a slight build-up in the chorus that becomes more prominent in the pre-chorus that leads to a slightly more energized chorus. This song is also quite mellow but has perfectly placed build ups that lead to really intense drops. The main chorus is really high energy in contrast to the rest of the song and works very well as the peak of the song. The Slow Readers Club will be playing a show at The Rockin’ Chair in Wrexham on June 30th.

Stream The Slow Readers Club on Spotify here.

Newport - The Keystones

"Newport" is a very high energy song from the begining with high pitched intense guitars that lead to scream that almost sounds a bit like Kellin Quinn in the best way possible. The song is definitely on the heavier side but that's a good thing because this is a song that could have a crowd going wild at one of those Denny's concerts. The vocals have more of a unique tone but they sound amazing in the music and it overall is just amazing. Catch The Keystones live at Summerfest in Milwaukee on June 23rd.

Stream The Keystones on Spotify here.

Fingers of Steel - shame

"Fingers of Steel" start with a beautiful piano part that leads into electric guitars that blend perfectly. The vocals that come in also work amazingly with the instruments and have really good background vocals. The pre-chorus acts as a perfect lead in to the instrumental chorus. Everything in the song works together to make a beautiful sounding piece of art. Shame is currently doing a USA+Canada tour.

Stream shame on Spotify here.

Heavy - Black Honey

"Heavy" starts off with guitars with a very unique tone to them that lead very well into the verse that has really beautiful vocals. The entire song is higher energy and works really well with the vocals. The melody is also very fitting for the instrumentals. "Heavy" has a very pretty bridge that leads perfectly into the final chorus. Black Honey will be doing a few shows in the United Kingdom to support their album release

Stream Black Honey on Spotify here.

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