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Neck Deep Takes Us On Liftoff With Their New Single "Take Me With You"

Shay Reichow Aug 19, 2023

If you are familiar with pop-punk band Neck Deep, you have probably heard their most popular songs (according to Spotify) "Wish You Were Here" or "In Bloom," both from their album titled The Peace And The Panic released back in 2017. On August 9th, fans received a treat of a song called "Take Me With You." This single is a fun one, as the lyrics talk about wanting to escape daily norms here on Earth and flying into space to escape. What better way to run away than to fly off into the extra-terrestrial?

The song starts out with a Blink-182-esque guitar riff and beat. Neck Deep did not let us down when they gave their nod to Blink's song "Aliens Exist." It's not often that a punk band writes about the wonders above this Earth. Frontman Ben Barlow knows how to keep things unique in this industry, which isn't an easy feat. He keeps fans on their toes with each new release into the year 2023. The lyrics, "I'm so done with this planet, it sucks, yeah you can have it, I'd be down to see inside your UFO," describes a mutual feeling that the majority of us have about the current world. We can hope that whatever life lives above has it easier than us!

The UK-based band continues to impress fans with their well-written and bouncy songs, before hitting people with more in-depth and complex songs later down the road. It gives fans the chance to feel the vibe of their upcoming album. This is certainly an exciting time for long-time Neck Deep fans, ranging back to their start in 2012. Whether you've been a fan for years or you recently discovered them, you are in for a treat – Neck Deep has some good things up their sleeves, so stay tuned!

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