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Shay Reichow (and 1 other) Jul 4, 2023

World renowned singer-songwriter-filmmaker Melanie Martinez started her tour around the globe in Denver, Colorado, and is making her way to Australia on her Portals tour. On this tour she is celebrating the release of her album Portals and performing it front-to-back, using extensive set design to bring everything together.

Along with her, she brought opening band Tanukichan. Lead singer Hannah Van Loon brings their sound together using synth, nu-metal basslines, and electric guitar that creates the feeling of love and loss in their dreamy-style pop-music. Loon's music is heavily inspired by Incubus – listeners can pick that up based on the atmospheric sounds this band brings forward.

Tanukichan brought their performance together with the use of their set design and lighting. Hanging in the background they had a large flag which pictured a sad, skull-looking icon, along with their band name written across. Their lighting had a lot of reds and blues mixed together, setting the tone of the opening show. Audience members were captivated by the energy brought on stage, warming up the venue for the main performance.


Going into Melanie's performance, fans were unsure what to expect – especially since Melanie's recent transition into the persona of a pink alien-like being – many speculated that it signifies being "re-born." Regardless of the reasoning, her fans continue to show amazing support and love for her choices. Portals seems to embody the theme of being reborn and discovering her new self.

The performance began with a large floating candle and eerie, horror movie type sounds. Martinez appeared on stage with the first song off Portals called "Death," with lyrics making it clear she is "back from the dead."

As the set continued, we journey into a trippy atmosphere where mythical creatures are front and center. From spiderwebs to contortionist mannequins, it truly kept fans' attention. Once the show came to an end, thousands of purple butterflies fell to the crowd ever so softly, creating an unforgettable moment that was a beautiful sight for everyone.

Overall, the energy throughout the show – from both artists – was jaw-dropping. Opening band Tanukichan brought the energy to the audience and warmed everyone up. That same energy doubled throughout the venue once Martinez made her way to the stage. Fans had a sense that a real story was being told through her set design, elaborate outfit, and unforgettable setlist. This is a must-see performance if you enjoy an angelic voice paired with mystical sounds, vivid colors, and psychedelic visuals.

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