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Meet Me @ The Altar Celebrate Their First Headlining Tour With Elliot Lee & Honey Revenge

Shay ReichowFeb 26, 2024

Pop-punk band Meet Me @ The Altar hit the road on their first ever US headliner, bringing Honey Revenge and Elliot Lee along with them. Alt-pop-rock artist Elliot Lee opened up the show with some hype songs, including "Sicko," "54321," "Funny Bunny," "East to Be You," and "Pink (Freak)" – however "Funny Bunny" seemed to be the fan favorite, with the most electrifying energy in the crowd.

Then came the pop-rock band Honey Revenge – the crowd shuffled forward in anticipation of their favorite band. This was the second time Honey Revenge had played Neumos, and they opened with "Seeing Negative" and "Worst Apology." They later surprised Seattle with a new song that had never been heard or performed live before. The fan favorites from their setlist seemed to be "Habitual" and "Airhead." Lead singer Devin Papadol, guitarist Donny Lloyd, touring bassist Tay Fischer, and touring drummer Matt Arsenault certainly brought on the energy for the main show. Fans will always go hard for Honey Revenge.

It was finally time for the main act. Fully female pop-rock band Meet Me @ The Altar entered the stage ready to party. They opened with songs "Same Language," "Now or Never," and "Beyond My Control." The fan favorite from this tour was "Hit Like a Girl." Of course, we got to hear some incredible covers; such as "Since U Been Gone" by Kelly Clarkson, "Take Me Away" by Christina Vidal, and "Burnin' Up" by the Jonas Brothers (you can never go wrong with a classic Jo' Bros cover). It's pretty easy to say that Meet Me @ The Altar is a band for all ages and all genders to enjoy; and they've created a safe space for all their fans to enjoy their art. Front woman Edith Victoria, guitarist Téa Campbell, and drummer Ada Juarez truly have the best stage presence and aren't afraid to bring on the party vibes.

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