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Late Night Drive Home To Release EP Following New Single "Believe Me (Even If I'm Lying)"

Ev Fuss Jan 13, 2024

El Paso based indie-rock band Late Night Drive Home just released their first single since announcing getting signed to Epitah Records, “Believe Me (Even If I’m Lying).” The release of this song was partnered with the announcement of a new EP, i’ll remember you for the same feeling you gave me as I slept, out on February 16.

The song seems to delve into the struggles of being vulnerable with others and how internal issues may affect a relationship. As mentioned in prior reviews and interviews, the band writes mainly about personal experiences they have with growing up and the in-between period between being a teenager and an adult. These themes of vulnerability are seen through much of the band's discography, most notably through their single “Drug Asphyxiation.”

    "You can’t see from the back of my eyes,

    Believe me Mimi I’m not doing to fine,

    I wish I could be there but I’m scared for my life,

    If I don’t die tonight will we be alright."

These lines put into words what it feels like to be dealing with internal struggles and not knowing how to externalize them, as well as not knowing how to communicate with someone close to you who may be affected by your struggles. I think this song does a great job of portraying feelings that many go through, but may not feel comfortable with or know how to share.

    "I know we’re supposed to be a team,

    Work this out help me to be complete,

    I’m sorry love,

    I’m sorry love my mind consumes me"

Even though the song carries a melancholy theme, like many of their other songs it is still backed with high-energy guitar and a catchy chorus. These elements together create a perfect formula for another hit song from Late Night Drive Home.

Shortly after the release of the song, the group released it's music video on the Epitaph Records YouTube channel. The video was directed by friends of the band Jaydog and Bar, as well as guitarist Ockz. The video matches a similar style to their past releases, with a focus on retro vibes and the color blue, which seems to define this new era of the band. At the end we see some glitched out images of what seems to be song lyrics as well as a teaser to the title of the new EP. Click here to see the video and fully experience this song.

The band will be playing their first show of the year on January 25 in Mexico City. Tickets, as well as updates on new singles and the EP release, can be found on the bands linktree here.