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Ev FussJun 26, 2023

Up-and-coming indie rock band from El Paso, TX, late night drive home released their latest single “Drug Asphyxiation” on Friday, June 23. This upbeat and catchy song is arriving just weeks before they kick off their first headline tour in July.

“Drug Asphyxiation” is the band's second release of 2023, following the release of their single “With a Dream of You” in February. This new single brings in a more energetic rock sound compared to “With a Dream of You,” but continues to carry along the strong and emotional lyrics that many of the band's songs hold.

    "On the canvas, or on these pages

    They will always know the real me

    But the deeper the colors seep in

    I get further from reality."

The song in its entirety covers a theme of struggling to be vulnerable outside of one's own thoughts. This bridge encapsulates a deeper meaning of how growing up can be hard as one finds their true self, which guitarist Juan “Ockz” Vargas has cited as one of his main inspirations when writing.

Instrumentally, the song is strongly focused around a steady bass riff and the use of a synthesizer and guitar throughout the chorus keeps it moving at a faster pace. All the instruments flow wonderfully together to bring a more forwardly positive tone to a song that covers a more somber topic.

The band released a music video to pair with the song that was directed by their friends Edgar and Jay, who they credit as Jaydog and Barr. You can see the video and listen to their new song here.

See an earlier interview with the band here.

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