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Kailey's Newest Single 'Deep End' Is Set To Make Major Waves

Kayla Moreno Sep 8, 2023

Authentically emotional and haunting, Kailey's newest single "Deep End" is her best yet. The opening guitar riff flows like water, getting the audience ready for the song's overall meaning. Kailey's vocals are powerful, not forced, and clearly impacted by the lyrics she is singing.

This song features a fascinating format. It begins slow and steady, moving like calm ocean waves before much bigger movements take shape in the chorus. The build rounds out the entire song nicely, crashing into a bolder melody that puts everything together. Her harmonies round everything out, carefully executed to emphasize her intentions.

The initial reverb and delay combo in the intro and the first verse is sprinkled casually throughout the track. This was an impressive choice, ultimately immersing us all in the song's message.

I got to hear "Deep End" live for the first time before its release at Emo Nite in Los Angeles on September 1. It was amazing to see the audience engage with something brand new, experiencing emotions as they came to them, and reacting in real-time with the band right there. I'm excited to see what Kailey has planned for the future, as this new single is an optimistic step in the right direction for her and her band.

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