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Kayla Moreno May 25, 2023

Since 2008, Halocene has been innovating metalcore by using a completely independent and fan-driven approach. This unique strategy would stand well enough on its own, but the bands’ musical prowess only emphasizes their once-in-a-lifetime presence in heavy music.

This powerhouse trio from Phoenix, Arizona combines covers and original songs in their guitar-driven 24-minute ep. Vocalist Addie Nicole utilizes a fascinating mix of clean and unclean vocals, presenting the audience with a range that is familiar to her genre while still feeling fresh. Her techniques are especially important as they captivate their audience with a mixture of covers and originals.

Of course, the Sam Smith & Kim Petras collab "Unholy" is well-known, but Halocene’s take on it provides a new perspective. Fans loved the cover so much that it gained 4.8M views on tiktok, with users requesting the band turn it into a repostable sound.

"Hold Me, Help Me" is a standout original. Addie Nicole’s vocals blend effortlessly with Bradley Amick’s. Lyrically, we’re reminded of metalcore’s roots: “Hold me now/someone help me out of this life.” These reminders of the genre’s growth from long-term players like Halocene are refreshing. We can continue to grow while we honor where we came from.

Similarly, apart from the cover of "Unholy", Halocene’s take on "Closer" by Nine Inch Nails is impressive. This sultry moment allows everyone to shine. Successfully covering such a well-known song is a team effort. In this case, everyone worked together to honor the song’s original integrity while adding their personal touches, like the whole family signing a birthday card individually, and not just leaving it up to mom to do it for them.

Overall, Halocene should be on everyone’s radar. Addie Nicole’s vocals are impressive enough on their own. Combined with the expertise of instrumentalists Joe Polizzi (drums) and Bradley Amick, Halocene’s undeniable skill proves that passion should continue to be the driving force for musicians and music fans.

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