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Floor Space Release Striking Third Album 'Maybe This Is It'

Brandy Tanaka Nov 16, 2023

Floor Space, a punk-rock band based in the East Coast, released their newest album Maybe This Is It this past month – and if you’re looking for angst-filled lyrics paired with raw instrumentals, this album is for you. Lead singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist Charlie Bruno brings forth a sound reminiscent of bands like Green Day and New Found Glory.

Recurring themes of heartbreak, enduring relationships, and self-loathing create a cohesive album. Bruno's lyricism is relatable, especially these lines from the track "Easier," saying:

    “I don’t like you but I don’t like me more,

    One foot’s on fire and one foot’s out the door.”

The song discusses the inner struggle of being with someone just because you'd rather be in a relationship than be left alone with your thoughts. The raw, emotional lyrics within these hard-edged melodies will get you interested. Meanwhile, the instrumentals, like the sublime electric guitar riffs, heavy bass intros (my personal favorite), and the surprising interjections of the saxophone will keep you on your toes.

This is not a band to be forgotten. With their raw lyrical styles and memorable melodies, Maybe This Is It will be a solid addition to any emo-punk playlist. Stream the full album on Spotify, here.

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