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Field Medic Rocks An Intimate Show

Shay Reichow Oct 22, 2023

If there was one way to describe Field Medic, it would have be 'y'all-ternative sad cowboy'. September 17th was the third day of 'The Light Is Gone 2 Tour', and fans were lined up around the corner taking over the street – dressed for the occasion wearing their boots and chained outfits. Overall, the smaller crowd had made for a more intimate Field Medic show.

Light Is Gone was the first full-length Field Medic album to be released back in December 2015. To follow up, Light Is Gone 2 was recently released this past September. It feels as though this new album is a little more grown-up and tender from the first, with the use of trap beats and space-like acoustics. Most of the setlist had songs from Light Is Gone 2, which made the show feel more special.

Frontman Kevin Patrick Sullivan is not afraid to be his goofy, authentic self on stage – even if he messes up on a song. If that happens he makes sure to start the song over, with bassist Dakota Floeter and drummer Nate Lich ready to back him. Some of the fan favorites on the setlist were "Henna Tattoo," "House Keyz," "Full Grown," and "I Want This to Last." Neumos in Seattle had the honor of hearing the crowd singing along to their hearts desires. Overall, the energy in the house was some of the best Neumos has seen in a while. If you're ever given the chance to see Field Medic, I recommend, as his shows are some of the best around.

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