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Kayla Moreno Dec 18, 2023

All good things come to those who wait! Fall Out Boy, a legacy emo rock band from Chicago, just released a hidden gem vault track to streaming platforms to commemorate the 15th anniversary of their 2008 record Folie À Deux. This song, along with the record it's attached to, is very special in the grand scheme of the band's discography. It represents a period where their most divisive work proved to be a long-standing fan-favorite, holding up nearly two decades after the initial release.

Previously, fans could only access "Pavlove" via an extremely limited number of methods, like a deluxe CD or one of two main YouTube lyric videos. The band played it for the first time this past summer at their closing tour date in Camden, with Pete Wentz hailing it as a "holy grail collector's item."

And this is a completely fair assessment. "Pavlove" is unique in that not only was it available under limited access before today's big drop, but there was never an official master, just a demo version that the band described as "half-complete." Releasing the track along with anniversary merchandise and a limited-edition vinyl feels like a "thank you" to fans (like me) who have loved the song since they could only access it via CD or play it on their hot pink iPod Nano after ripping it from a sketchy converter site.

As a Fall Out Boy connoisseur for well over half my sentient lifetime, this song has always been my favorite in their discography – their vast, decades-long discography. It allows me to be a bit pretentious; I can say that my favorite song by my favorite band was a lot like a shiny Pokemon card.

However, it is much more fulfilling now that everyone can enjoy it. "Pavlove" represents everything that Fall Out Boy is good at; it features soulful Patrick Stump vocal stylings, tongue-in-cheek lyrics that only Pete Wentz could write, expertly crafted drum beats by Andy Hurley, and an instantly recognizable guitar playing style curated by Joe Trohman. Fall Out Boy would not be Fall Out Boy without any of these individual elements, and a song like "Pavlove" showcases this.

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