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Definitely Maybe Masters The Adult Rendition of Teen Angst With New Single "Are We Having Fun Yet?"

Abby Anderson Jan 19, 2024

Chicago-based pop-punk band Definitely Maybe first emerged in 2023, with their EP Better Off Undone and TikTok-viral single "One More Night." Now they're back and better than ever with their new single, "Are We Having Fun Yet?." For fans of artists like The Veronicas, Charlotte Sands, Hey Violet, and Paramore, Definitely Maybe has penned your next favorite hit.

Led by singer Courtney Clinkert's vibrant vocals, and full-toned instrumentals from guitarist Ian Harsh and bassist Sawyer Bengston, the gritty anthem covers, as the band puts it, "a relentless exploration of the toll ambition takes on the soul."

While we all know and love pop-punk teen angst, "Are We Having Fun Yet?" is the angst of your early adult years. From touching on imposter syndrome, the exhaustion of ambition, and professional and social burnout, Definitely Maybe is unafraid to strip away the kiddie fantasy of becoming an adult. Instead of romanticizing success, Definitely Maybe deglamorizes the facade of acting like you having it all: "So close to where I wanted to be/sabotage, I do that in my sleep."

The band makes it clear that they're no stranger to rejection, and they want us to know that the reason we're being held back isn't us, it's that the system is rigged. There's a "Are We Having Fun Yet?" lyric for that too: "They say too much of a good thing is a bad thing/well I think that's bullshit!/Tell me to feel guilty for existing."

The song culminates at the decrescendo into the final chorus, when the instrumental pulls back and the band asks the ever-important question: "When does going after what you wanted/become worth it?" and in shameless pop-punk fashion, close out the pre-chorus with "Cause I'm fucking exhausted/pretty sure I've lost it."

With a refreshing female vocalist, classic sound, and enlightened lyrics, Definitely Maybe is a band with the potential to be the next big thing in the world of pop-punk. With "Are We Having Fun Yet?," the band shows that they're just getting started and they're here to be taken seriously – and maybe they'll have a little fun while they're at it.

Stream "Are We Having Fun Yet" here, and keep up with Definitely Maybe here.