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Sarah Taylor May 20, 2023

The iconic metal band, Dark Divine, have released yet another banger. The band is well known for their Halloween theme, and they continue to live up to that title with their newest single “Dancing Dead”.

The song starts off with a breakdown including a horror movie like scream that will immediately get you headbanging. It then goes into the first verse with insane vocals from Anothony Martinez that are absolutely breathtaking. His screams make the intro to the song extreme and start everything off on an impeccable note.

The transition to the chorus is beautiful with Martinez’s stunning clean vocals. The beat is impossible not to get into and start dancing along to it. The insane vocal range and heavy hitting instruments are something that Dark Divine never fails to have, but they are even more remarkable than ever with this track. The lyrics show so much creativity and feel as if it should be a track on a horror movie.

    “We’re dancing dead tonight

    So don’t be a stranger

    Because I’ll be your savior

    I know you’re dying to feel alive

    Just live in the moment

    We’re making thе most of our time

    No more fear of wastеd years

    We’re leaving them behind

    Because we’re dancing dead tonight

    And no one can tame us

    I know that you’re dying to feel alive”

The breakdown to the song is introduced by a villain laugh and then quickly goes into the breathtaking sound the band is known for. The screams and high pitched guitar is unlike any other song out there and just shows how much talent is under the band's belt.

This is one of the most insane tracks they have released and could possibly be one of the best metal songs of the year. Everything about the song is brutal and is sure to become a staple to Dark Divine’s discography. If you haven’t had the pleasure of hearing it, check it out here!

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