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Daisy Grenade and Kasey Karlsen's "King For A Day" Cover Breathes New Life Into A Cult Classic

Kayla Moreno Dec 17, 2023

Power-duo Daisy Grenade has been making a massive impact on the scene since they were picked up by Pete Wentz in 2022, ultimately being added to his permanent roster of DCD2 artists. Their presence is uniquely theatrical and punk rock-leaning, creating dynamic stage performances and killer recordings. Of course, their "King For A Day" cover was no exception to the quality they always deliver.

They had big shoes to fill here; "King For A Day" is one of the most iconic songs of the entire genre, inspiring generations of people across the board. Collaborating with Kasey Karlsen stays true to the original dynamic of the song, while still adhering to their mission statement – girls belong in the punk rock spotlight, too. It's no longer fiercely a boy's club like it was when "King For A Day" initially dropped.

The makings of a good cover fall under certain criteria:

  • It should be different enough from the original to be interesting
  • The artist's performance is authentic
  • It is fun for audiences to listen to

Daisy Grenade and Kasey Karlsen check all of these boxes, passing each test with flying colors. There are some new guitar parts that are engaging; I found myself making the "wow" face to myself as I unpacked each new layer. The bridge is especially incredible, with new guitar riffs creating a solo layer, and a few synth sounds that stood out filling out the mix before more screams kicked in.

Overall, this generation is lucky to have artists like Daisy Grenade and Kasey Karlsen to look towards for inspiration. Their clear mission statement is still important, and collaborations like their "King For A Day" cover are sure to encourage more young people to take the mic.

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