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Couch Kicks Off Their 'Sunshower Tour' in Amherst

Ev Fuss Apr 4, 2024

Boston-based band Couch kicked off the second leg of their U.S. tour commemorating the release of their second EP, Sunshower, at The Drake in Amherst on March 28. The group combines pop with funk, jazz, and R&B to create a unique sound which got the crowd riled and excited.

The band unconventionally groups guitar, bass, drums, and keys with a saxophone and trumpet player to really emphasize the jazz and funk twists in their songs. Many of their new releases feature long sax, guitar, and trumpet solos. Tema Siegel is the frontwoman of the group on lead vocals, with Zach Blankstien on guitar, Jared Gozinsky on drums, Will Griffin on bass, Danny Silverston on keys, Jeffrey Pinsker-Smith on trumpet, and Eric Tarlin on sax.

Throughout their set, Couch put fun twists on popular songs such as Billy Joel's “Vienna,” and Justin Bieber's “Sorry,” and also managed to get the crowd riled up with their cover of the Schoolhouse Rock song “Conjunction Junction.” By combining these tracks with their upbeat, signature hits, Couch had the audience wanting more. Their crowd interaction and high-energy set created an atmosphere that every music fan should experience at some point in their life.

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