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Caskets' Electrifying Set At Paradise Rock Club Leaves Hyped-Up Crowd Wanting More

Sabrina Yanez Aug 21, 2023

As an avid concert-goer, you can trust my honest opinion when I tell you I've never seen a crowd as lively as the one during Caskets' set at Paradise Rock Club. Joined by Dragged Under and Kingdom of Giants on Blessthefall's 'Hollow Bodies 10 Year Anniversary Tour', Caskets' performance was filled with pure vigor – there was not a single dry moment throughout the entire show.

It bums me out when fans fail to show enthusiasm towards openers; which is an unfortunate, yet reoccurring reality in the live music industry. However this crowd was nothing short of intense for every act that came on – straight chaos from the moment the show started at 7 PM, all the way through to it's 11 PM end. The energy only intensified for each band that followed.

I watched in both horror and amusement as waves of crowd-surfers came down upon the fans at the barricade, security barely managing to catch them all. Fans formed a larger circle pit than you'd expect for a 900-cap venue, all while "Drowned In Emotion" played in the background as the perfect soundtrack for the picture of chaos that was this show. While Caskets members Matt Flood (vocals), Benji Wilson (guitar), Christopher McIntosh (bass), Craig Robinson (guitar), and James Lazenby (drums) put on a great show on their own, it was the crowds energy that acted as the cherry-on-top for the whole experience.

The UK-based band recently released their newest album Reflections, which seamlessly blends a classic metalcore sound with reverbed vocal layering and twinkly-synth-ear-candy scattered throughout. Despite only being out for one week thus far, the crowd didn't fail to show their appreciation for "Guiding Light," "More Than Misery," and "Too Late" from the record, and were able to scream every lyric energetically. You can find the album on all streaming platforms, and listen to it on Spotify here.

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