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Shay Reichow Apr 21, 2023

This week I had the honor of listening to a new sound of music I’ve never heard before. I was recently introduced to upcoming wave artist Nolan Trotter. His latest release “But With Love” dropped in early April. I gave it a good listen during the week to really take in the emotions of this new single. I could describe his sound as 80s hypno-pop.  It’s a feel-good, vibey, atmospheric sound that Trotter shares with his listeners. This song has a great use of synth-wave sound elements  – Even when listening to some of his other work, it’s consistent in his unique sound. Nolan Trotter currently has three albums and quite a few singles out that may be up your alley if atmospheric hypno-pop music is your thing. I would highly recommend giving “Honey, Do!” and “Slumberland” a listen as well – two of my favourites from his discography.  I’m very excited to see what Trotter shares with his audience next! Be sure to check out Trotter’s work if you’re seeking new music to vibe to. Out on all music platforms now!

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