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Broadside Drops A New "Bang"er

Shay Reichow Aug 24, 2023

Alt-punk band Broadside has been killing the game lately with their new era of sound. One of their first songs introducing this era is "Cruel," which was released on March 15 and features The Home Team's frontman Brian Butcher. To follow up, on August 8 fans received another treat titled "Bang" with a feature from frontman Josh Roberts of Magnolia Park. If you were to ask me, I'd say Broadside has been doing some serious cooking in the studio.

This rather catchy and upbeat single shares the story of facing your inner demons head-on, and fighting the battle that rages on in your mind. The song opens up with an atmospheric sci-fi sort of beat which sets the tone. One of the best lines of lyrics heard is "The reaper's at my door, and I don't wanna run anymore," which talks about facing your demons face-first instead of running and hiding. In this day and age, it is very easy to do that. For an upbeat song, it hits the heartstrings just right! Lead vocalist Oliver Baxxter paired with Josh Roberts create a powerful dynamic and special texture to this multi-layered single. It has a catchy sound, and also draws you into the world where darkness and light meet.

If you're in need of a new band, I highly recommend Broadside. Their sound has grown in a new direction over the years, and their electric talent and powerful delivery always shines through. Their new era is shaping up to be some of their best work yet. They will never stop impressing fans, whether you are a long-time listener or just recently discovered them. OliverBaxxter and Co. are only gonna grow more from here.

Stream "Bang" on all streaming platforms, and be sure to catch their music video here.

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