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Sarah Taylor May 14, 2023

On May 4th Bring Me The Horizon released their new single “LosT” along with an incredible music video to go along with it. The track has lyrics that are easily associated with mental illness, but despite that everything is very upbeat and can easily be enjoyed by anyone.

The chorus to the song is extremely catchy and can be related to by anyone who has had to deal with the struggle of depression, anxiety etc.:

    “Why am I this way?

    Stupid medicine, not doin' anything

    What the hell is fucking wrong with me?

    I guess there's no remedy, own worst enemy

    I'm so terribly lost”

The breakdown is introduced by a robot voice saying “I think I'm gonna break down” and goes into the heavy sound that can easily be identified as Bring Me The Horizon even though it isn’t quite as heavy as some of their older work.

Out of all of the singles they’ve released since POST HUMAN: SURVIVAL HORROR came out, “LosT” is by far my favorite. Between Oli Skyes’ incredible vocals and the phenomenal instrumentals, the song is perfect in every way imaginable. If you were to try to get someone into metal/metalcore, this would be the perfect track to start off with.

If you haven’t heard it or haven’t seen the music video yet, check it out here!

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