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Beartooth: A Double Threat Sneak Peek

Shay Reichow Aug 1, 2023

Hardcore rock band Beartooth recently released a banger that has fans itching for their album release. This time it's called "Might Love Myself," and it's precisely what the title implies. The July 21st release brings a whole new level of emotion into their upcoming album, The Surface. This fresh and upbeat song tells a story of overcoming the hurdles that mental health throws at you, self-empowerment, and giving yourself a second chance. There's a powerful lyric that stands out to fans; frontman Caleb Shomo cries out "I'm exactly who I wanna be," which echoes throughout the rest of that same chorus, sending chills to those who listen. This single brings some positivity despite all the hardships of life.

Earlier in April, Beartooth released another chipper song titled "Sunshine," which will tie the album together. "Sunshine" is about overcoming seasonal depression but most importantly, overcoming the darkness that follows and shrouds us. Shomo utilizes various ways of singing but the part that sticks out most is when he whispers "I can't keep running," and is immediately followed by screaming lyrics "The end is coming." In this case, the 'end' is the darkness that follows. Although the set of partnering lyrics seems dark, the song ultimately turns around and tells the story of overcoming the dark depressive pits and running towards the sunshine.

While Beartooth is a heavy-rock band, they proved that they don't always have to be dark and dreary. From the latest singles, The Surface is rounding up to be an album that will primarily be focused on health, self-love, and coming out of the darker days alive. It's a good reminder that life isn't always out to get you. The Surface will be out October 13th via Red Bull Records.

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