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Arrows In Action: The Back To Life Tour @ El Corazon In Seattle

Shay Reichow Jun 28, 2024

Little did the rainy state of Washington know that we would get a return of the Florida-based pop-rock trio Arrows in Action – a whole year since we saw them last. That time he band promised us one thing: that this would never happen again. However Seattle just so happens to be one of their many favorite cities; and with it being the tenth stop on their 'Back To Life' tour, the vibes were high and the energy was bursting through El Corazon. It was set to be one of their best shows early on.

Along for the ride was alternative-pop artist Elliot Lee, as well as indie-pop artist Sad Alex. First we got to see Elliot Lee perform songs from their latest released album Primordial Archive. A few songs that were played from the album were "Sicko," "Mess Boy," "Fun," and a favorite of mine, "Easy to Be You." After their set, the crowd was warmed up and ready for Sad Alex. Some songs we heard from them were, "Jupiter," "Everything is fine" (which had a feature from Arrow in Action's Victor Pattinson), a Disney cover of "Part Of His World," and a Linkin Park cover of "Numb." These openers were perfect for a well-rounded Arrows in Action show, and they brought a bit of each genre to pump up the energy.

Then finally time came – Arrows in Action was up next. They opened with "This Time," a favorite of mine, "The Credits," and "Cold." The trio did their introductions and felt the energy of the crowd. Fans have jokingly said this band would also make it as a comedy trio; and in between songs, they cracked numerous silly side comments. Various songs from Built To Last were played and then came a decision from the crowd. The audience had a choice in which song would be played next. It was a battle between "Permanent Vacation" or "Compromise." Seattle won the votes for "Permanent Vacation" simply by the immense volume of crowd cheers. Fans also got to hear a recently released (as of May 31st) single, "Hello Sunlight." But of course, it would not be a Seattle show without a live feature from The Home Team's Brian Butcher; and we got to hear a full live version of "Wide Eyes." The band had mentioned playing this song on tour a lot, but never with Butcher. It was an honor to get to hear the duo play together. If you are an Arrows fan, you do not want to miss this tour.

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