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Alexa Villa And FLASCH Team Up For An Authentic, Powerful Self-Love Anthem, "I Don't Wanna Be Pretty"

Kayla Moreno Aug 24, 2023

The most punk-rock thing an artist could do is go against the grain, questioning societal norms like larger-than-life, unattainable beauty standards perpetuated by big brands' clever marketing tactics. Alexa Villa and FLASCH accurately pinpoint these pain points, never straying from their core message. This dynamic duo came together effortlessly to challenge modern beauty standards with their single "I Don't Wanna Be Pretty."

Sonically, the sound they've established encapsulates elements from several different genres, ranging from hyperpop to classic punk-rock. The chorus, which suggests Villa wants "sweaty" and "gritty" are great descriptors of the song's vibe. This unique, uplifting single would do extremely well in a live setting. I can picture crowds of people resonating with the lyrics, energized by the music accompanying them.

Overall, Alexa Villa and FLASCH are a match made in heaven. Both artists share a lot of the same values, and the combination shines through in this collaboration. I would love to hear more from this duo, especially as they dig deeper into the core values that separate them from the rest.

Stream "I Don't Wanna Be Pretty" on Spotify here.

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