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After Smoke Clears' Energetic High Wycombe Headliner

Hayley Rogers Oct 20, 2023

After Smoke Clears debut at a High Wycombe show was certainly a night to remember. On Friday the 6th of October, Buried Music UK and Spin Fest UK teamed up to bring a captivating night of metalcore, creating electric energy inside The Phoenix Bar.

Kicking things off was local support Omen-1 hailing from Oxon. This band truly got the crowd pumped with their punchy and energetic tracks, that carried all the way through their set as they played through their recent EP A Narrative To Those Who Failed Us. With energy like theirs, matched with hard hitting lyrics, it wasn't hard to see why the crowd loved them. Hearing the call and response of "We Won't Sacrifice" truly felt empowering to witness. Omen-1 did an excellent job of warming the audience up for the next set of bands.

Up next was genre blending metal band Omega Bad. Combining the best parts of metal, electronic, and alternative, created catchy and interesting tracks that are bound to get stuck in your head. Playing their recent singles "Control" and "Fly With Me" got the crowd moving and kept them engaged. If you like bands such as Beartooth and TheCityIsOurs, these guys might be ones to add to your radar. With clean, strong vocals and equally as strong screams, these guys kept the energy levels high. Interacting with the crowd anytime they could, and getting as many people involved as possible, created an energy I could only describe as kinetic.

Promptly following Omega Bad was nu-metal band Arimea. One of the first things that caught my attention with these guys was their incredible stage presence. You could just tell these guys not only adored performing, but loved their music just as much. Each track was performed so passionately and that feeling absolutely carried through their whole set. Arimea's musical influences – of that raw, early 2000's sound – really shone through in songs such as "Silent Space" and "From The Bottom," both off of their upcoming EP. As the crowd sung their lyrics back at them, it was clear how much this all meant to them. Fans were even treated to a live performance of their upcoming single "Castiel," which drops on the 13th of this month.

Last, but by no means least, were the nights headliners After Smoke Clears. This London-based metal band did not disappoint. These guys are a band I've always heard good things about but have never gotten a chance to see live. It was clear why people had such good things to say about them. The pace of their tracks, beautifully accompanied with raw vocals, caused the audience to open up circle pits which kept going a good majority of their set. Playing both original songs and a cover of Gorillaz "Feel Good Inc," really made sure that everyone was getting involved, old and new fans a like. The stories behind each of their tracks rang clear, especially with their newest EP The Fear, which touches on topics such as social anxiety and addiction. Being so open and honest within their lyrics gives fans a chance to connect on a deeper level with the music. Despite a few technical issues at the start of the set, After Smoke clears persevered on delivering one incredible show.

My final thoughts on this show: every band was amazing. It was clear how much fun everyone had and how much it meant to the bands to be up there performing. I will definitely be going to see all these artists next time they are in town, as I thoroughly enjoyed every set.

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